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Hello! My name is Simon Castle! I'm an Actor, Writer and Queer Creative.

As an actor: I’ve worked on projects at The RSC; The Lowry; Brixton House; BBC Radio 4; Creation Theatre Company; The Other Palace; The Belgrade and was part of the award-winning podcast, Tough Talks, which won Gold at The British Podcast Awards, 2021.


As a writer, my debut play, Two Tribes, was shortlisted for the prestigious Tony Craze Award at Soho Theatre and has completed it's R&D at Theatre Royal Stratford East & The Leeds Playhouse. My play, Changeling, premiered at Amplify Festival, 2022 at The Nottingham Playhouse.

I'm an alumni Soho Theatre's Writer's Lab, Soho Theatre's Alumni Group, The National Theatre's Writing for Theatre Programme, National Youth Theatre and The PappyShow's Mentoring Programme

My core practice is really centred around championing the LGBTQIA+ stories I wish I heard as a child, in order to inspire the next generation of queer creatives to tell theirs freely. Queer Stories are my driving voice. I want to make work that challenges the notion that our stories are "underrepresented". We’re not underrepresented. We’ve always been here, people just haven’t listened. Our stories: Under Valued. Under Appreciated. Under Respected. We’re going to change this narrative; together.

also have a real passion for inspiring new creatives and actors looking to develop and builds this into their practice. I work as a freelance facilitator and have worked exclusively with companies like Creation Theatre Company, The North Wall Arts Centre, Wizard Theatre, Cherwell Theatre Company and for National Theatre Connections, with ages groups ranging from 4-6 all the way to 16-18 year old's.

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Photography by YellowBelly Photography
Tony Craze Award Ceremony.JPG
Soho Theatre's Tony Craze Award Ceremony
Photography by Jack Boal
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